About us

Kaila by ZABALA

Kaila has been developed by Zabala Innovation, who believe that an agile and open innovation model is the key to the sustainable and competitive growth of any organisation and to get your ideas beyond the commercialisation barrier.

Our goal is to relieve the pressure on your traditional development processes and to smooth and accelerate your innovation by providing the perfect space to manage, accelerate and dynamize it and the ecosystems associated with it.

Our Story

Kaila was born in response to the need to unify the data sources for European projects, partners and collaborators, as well as to analyse the state of the art in certain technologies of interest.

In 2018, the project was formally launched and the development team was formed. In 2019, Zabala’s European projects team started using Kaila as a tool to support internal processes. In 2020, its usefulness and potential transcended the boundaries of the company and after sharing it with some of our customers, we decided that the entire innovation community should certainly have the opportunity to extract value from it.

It was not anymore a mere search engine. Its main strength lied in its potential to grow a whole Community of value around Innovation in Europe. That way Search became Kaila, the first smart platform focused on the identification and interconnection of the different innovation actors in Europe. In 2021 Kaila became smart, integrating an adaptive and autonomous recommendation engine, Kaila Wise.

Today we are proud to share this tool with the innovative community, which will undoubtedly make a difference to those who want to move forward in an agile and dynamic way in their innovation processes.

Our Values

A unique and open environment for the entire innovation community

We firmly believe open innovation is the key answer to accelerate time to market, reduce associated costs and increase the level of novelty. Through Kaila platform, we will be able to help you to drive the transition from closed to open innovation, and rapidly adapt to this rapid and dynamic technological change of the current innovation context by building your own personalised Innovation Ecosystem.

Listening, understanding and reacting

At Kaila we have the capacity and the ability to constantly take the pulse of the innovation community, understand their needs, and quickly transform them into value through our platform. There is no need too small or too ambitious, only inspiring challenges.

In-House Made

Kaila came to life as a main part of ZABALA’s Digital Transformation Strategy. Originated from an ambitious internal digital innovation project, eventually turned into a new source of value to customers at a European level, complementing ZABALA’s offline services and responding to the challenges of innovative entities.