Military transport gets a boost with CEF Transport Military Mobility

Military transport gets a boost with CEF Transport Military Mobility

790 million in funding under the CEF Transport Military Mobility 2023 call is available until 21 September

The CEF Transport Programme is the key funding instrument to boost infrastructure modernisation in the trans-European transport network. It is based on several pillars, one of which is dedicated to the challenges of military transport in the EU: CEF Transport Military Mobility.

This initiative seeks to facilitate the mobility of troops, equipment and military supplies in crisis, emergency or conflict situations. The improvement of these infrastructures also has an impact on the civilian population, which is why calls for funding are published every year to promote this line of CEF Transport.

The 2023 call has a budget of €790 million to support projects relating to mixed studies or works for all modes of transport, and applications can be submitted until 21 September.

The challenges of CEF Transport Military Mobility

CEF Transport Military Mobility is working to meet several challenges:

Identifying logistical bottlenecks and obstacles: detailed analyses are carried out to identify the logistical challenges and barriers that hinder military mobility in Europe. This includes assessing the capacity of transport infrastructures, customs procedures and regulations that may hinder the rapid deployment of military forces.

Development of common norms and standards: harmonisation of norms and standards related to military transport in Europe is promoted. This facilitates interoperability between Member States and improves the efficiency of military transport procedures.

Investments in critical infrastructure: financial resources are earmarked to improve transport infrastructure critical for military mobility. This may include the modernisation of key roads, railways, ports and airports, as well as the optimisation of connections and cargo capacity.

Cooperation in the acquisition and maintenance of military transport assets: cooperation between Member States in the acquisition and maintenance of military transport assets, such as cargo aircraft, transport vessels and specialised vehicles, is encouraged. This allows for the sharing of resources and the optimisation of transport capacity.

The invasion of Ukraine, a turning point

CEF Transport Military Mobility has seen its budget significantly increased due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. In March of the same year, the European Council approved the Strategic Defence and Security Compass to strengthen military cooperation between European countries. With this new action plan and the agreements adopted by the European Defence Agency, the deadlines for cross-border movements were shortened and exceptions were made to achieve structural solutions.

The digitisation of administrative processes or the prioritisation of the fuel supply chain for military transport are some of the challenges that the infrastructures promoted by CEF Transport Military Mobility will face in the coming years.