Innovation in Europe: A look at the best-funded projects of 2023

Innovation in Europe: A look at the best-funded projects of 2023

Innovation is a fundamental pillar of economic and social development in any country. In Europe, the European Commission has recognized the transformative potential of innovation and has launched a series of funding programs aimed at boosting the development of disruptive technologies in various strategic areas.

In 2023, these programs have contributed to financing a large number of innovative projects. Here is an overview of the best-funded projects that have received the most funding in the main European innovation programs:

Best-funded projects on Horizon Europe

Excellent Science

ISIDORe | Integrated Services for Infectious Disease Outbreak Research

Grant: 20.998.624 € | Coordinator: ERINHA

canSERV | Providing cutting edge cancer research services across Europe

Grant: 14.866.441 € | Coordinator: BBMRI-ERIC

AgroServ | Integrated SERvices supporting a sustainable AGROecological transition

Grant: 14.252.873 € Coordinator: AnaEE EERIC

Global challenges

PARC | Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals

Grant: 200.000.000 € | Coordinator: ANSES

OFELIA | Open Fan for Environmental Low Impact of Aviation

Grant: 100.000.000 € | Coordinator: SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES

CETP | Clean Energy Transition Partnership

Grant: 70.000.000 € | Coordinator: BMK

Innovative Europe

EEN2EIC | Support to EIC Accelerator by the Enterprise Europe Network

Grant: 7.299.999 € | Coordinator: APRE

EIT CCSI SUGA | EIT Culture & Creativity

Grant: 5.995.362 € | Coordinator Fraunhofer

AntiMatter-OTech | Novel Opaque Scintillator Technology for Nuclear Industry Imaging based on Anti-Matter Detection

Grant: 5.722.534 € | Coordinator: CNRS


INSPIRE | European Centre of Excellence on Inclusive Gender Equality in Research & Innovation: Creating Knowledge & Engaging in Collaborative Action

Grant: 4.996.758 € | Coordinator: FUOC UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA UOC

POLICY ANSWERS | R&I POLICY making, implementation ANd Support in the WEsteRn BalkanS

Grant: 4.993.109 € | Coordinator: Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation

PREPARED | Pro-active Pandemic Crisis Ethics and Integrity Framework

Grant: 4.201.759 € | Topic: HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01-90

Best-funded projects on CEF Programme

21-EU-TC-Via Carpatia | Implementation of a cross-border road connection on the Via Carpatia route between Poland and Slovakia.

Grant: 326.637.490 € | Coordinator: GENERALNA DYREKCJA DROG

21-EU-TG-BBT Northern Access | Studies and Works for the Brenner Northern Access Line to the Brenner Base Tunnel between Munich (Germany) and Radfeld (Austria)

Grant: 83.824.500 € | Coordinator: FEDERAL MINISTRY FOR DIGITAL

21-EU-TG-DCM IMP 22_24 | Digital Capacity Management Implementation 2022-2024

Grant: 73.906.150 € | Coordinator: RailNetEurope

Best-funded projects on Erasmus+ Programme

S-DISCO | International Master in Sustainable Drug Discovery

Grant: 5.174.400 € | Coordinator: UGent

JMPMB | EU-CONEXUS Joint Master Programme in Marine Biotechnology

Grant: 5.174.400 € | Coordinator UCV

MASS | Master in Astrophysics and Space Science

Grant: 4.742.400 € | Coordinator: UNITOV

Best-funded projects on DIGITAL Programme

SK-NCC | Slovak National Coordination Centre

Grant: 1.999.830 € | Coordinator: Cyber Security Competence and Certification Centre

NCC-NL | National Coordination Centre – The Netherlands

Grant: 997.368 € | Coordinator: MINISTERIE VAN ECONOMISCHE

QCLN | Qualitative Cybersecurity Leap for NOU

Grant: 249.952 € | Coordinator: NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE


LIFE-IP CE Beyond Waste | Circular Economy Beyond Waste

Grant: 10.000.000 € | Coordinator: Region Midtjylland (Central Denmark

LIFE IP RESTART | Boosting waste recycling into valuable products by setting the environment for a circular economy in Slovenia

Grant: 10.000.000 € | Coordinator: Ministry of the Environment and

LIFE-IP AQP-SILESIAN-SKY | “Silesia. Blue Sky Restored”. Comprehensive implementation of the Air Quality Plan for the Silesian Voivodeship.

Grant: 9.908.979 € | Topic LIFE20 IPE


TULIPS | DemonsTrating lower pollUting soLutions for sustaInable airPorts acrosS Europe

Grant: 24.997.763 € | Coordinator SCHIPHOL


Grant: 20.380.033 € | Coordinator BULL

PROBONO | The Integrator-centric approach for realising innovative energy efficient buildings in connected sustainable green neighbourhoods

Grant: 20.158.489 € | Coordinator INGENIERIA ESPECIALIZADA OBRA