MWC Barcelona 2023, the reflection of tomorrow

MWC Barcelona 2023, the reflection of tomorrow

The Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023 showcased the most cutting-edge digital trends and developments

Technology gurus and experts from all over the world met this week at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023, the world’s largest technology fair that analyses the present of technology and connectivity and debates its near future.

Over four days, MWC Barcelona 2023 achieved record numbers: more than 88,000 attendees from 202 countries and territories, more than 2,400 exhibitors and nearly 1,000 speakers with a common goal: to facilitate the understanding of technology and to advance its trends in order to better understand and incorporate them.

The slogan for 2023 was ‘Velocity’, a key term in hot topics such as artificial intelligence, 5G, the technology gap and the debate on equitable sharing. The event’s attendees, experts in software, telecommunications, media, financial technology and advanced manufacturing and services, and policymakers shaping the digital economy, spoke about these issues.

MWC Barcelona 2023 trends

This major trade fair for innovation and digital technology saw initiatives and projects related to these themes:

· 5G technology is already a reality, and it is estimated that by 2025 this technology will serve a third of the world’s population. 5G reduces latency, the time that passes between an action being taken and it being transmitted, to a minimum. MWC Barcelona 2023 also saw the emergence of 6G, the sixth generation of wireless telecommunications.

· Artificial intelligence, applied mainly to the fields of health and education, with examples of applications for playing instruments at home and being alerted to wrong notes, or surgical robotics and virtual medical trials. 

· The metaverse, that parallel virtual world in which you can experience a sports match as if you were in the front row or go to class and learn without having to leave your own home. And in this metaverse, or matterverse as they are beginning to call it, extended reality (XR), which encompasses virtual reality and augmented reality, plays an important role.

· Sustainability is here to stay, and the technological field has become aware that resources are finite and that it is necessary to do more with less. This is why the debate at the congress focused on how to use energy digitally without wasting it, saving it and respecting the environment.

· On the subject of devices, the congress has seen mobile phones with screens that fold and increase or decrease in size, professional cameras that fit in a pocket, air taxis and capsule trains. The technological future is definitely advancing by leaps and bounds.