EU Funding Programmes

Discover the more than 65 funding programmes that we already integrate in Kaila.

Innovation has become the key to most of the European Commission’s priorities and strategies and a particularly recurrent feature of its policies. The return on intensive investment in R&D is competitive growth and global positioning in strategic sectors for our society.  

But if we also want our regions and organizations to grow sustainably and adapt to the highly dynamic environments in which we have to operate, we must stimulate the creation of European innovation ecosystems, as this is the way to make the most of Europe’s innovative potential.  

The European Commission articulates several research and innovation programs and below we offer you information on the most intensive ones in terms of funding and the organizations’ favorites.  

If you want to see what other opportunities the European Commission offers to consolidate innovation, discover the more than 65 funding programs that we already integrate in Kaila.  

LIFE Programme

LIFE Programme LIFE Programme is the only European funding programme...

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