Frequently Asked Questions

About Kaila

  • Kaila is a smart platform, developed by Zabala Innovation Consulting, through a set of digital tools that enable the innovation management of an organisation  in an easy, fast and effective way.

  • Analyse the market and innovative trends.
  • Find funding opportunities for innovation projects or programmes.
  • Discover the most innovative organisations in Europe.
  • Measure the level of innovation of an organisation.
  • Expand collaboration networks.
  • Identify technological solutions.
  • Monitor regional innovation poles.
  • Stay up-to-date on innovation trends.
  • Analyse and monitor regional innovation poles.
  • You will save time accessing information by unifying different sources into a single environment.
  • Kaila facilitates analysis and decision-making, thanks to the information processing and interactive visualisations of data.
  • Easily extract and share information with your team with downloadable and editable reports.
  • Kaila unites the main European data sources such as Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, LIFE, CEF, Eurostars, etc. on a single platform. With just one click, you will be granted access to funding opportunities, projects, project results and innovators.
  • To learn how to use the tool, visit our tutorials section.
  • You can consult the platform’s terms of use at this link.

Subscriptions & Billing

  • Kaila offers different subscription options, including a free plan. Free plan users can use the platform for an unlimited period of time, but with some limitations, such as the number of results displayed, number of downloads and other functionalities. For more details, visit at our pricing page.
  • No, you do not need to enter your payment details. Kaila’s registration and trial period are completely free of charge.
  • This option is not currently supported. If you wish to switch from a monthly to a yearly subscription:
    1. First, cancel your monthly subscription.
    2. When your monthly subscription has ended, purchase a yearly Premium subscription.
  • The price shown on the pricing page does not include VAT. VAT is included once you are directed to the payment page. The applied VAT will be the stardard rate, applicable in your corresponding country.
  • Yes, when you sign up, you access the Kaila Basic plan, but you also have a free 7-day trial of Kaila’s Premium features.
  • First, you have to register  in Kaila and log in
  • Then, access the plan selection page and select your option (annual or monthly).
  • Finally, on the checkout page, fill in your billing information and enter your credit card.
  • If you cannot pay by credit card please contact us.
  • Kaila Premium subscriptions, both monthly and annual, are automatically renewed at the end of the contracted period.
  • You can cancel your subscription to Kaila Premium at any time from your profile page.
  • No, we do not provide refunds should you decide to cancel your subscription or downgrade your plan.
  • When you cancel your subscription to Kaila Premium, your account is automatically converted to a Basic Plan but you will be able to continue using Kaila Premium features until the end of the period you have purchased.
  • At the end of the period, the results you have saved as favourites and the alerts will be permanently deleted.
  • Yes, once you have paid your subscription, you will receive an invoice by email.


  • To access the platform, you must follow these steps:
    1. Sign up , by filling in the registration form.
    2. Activate your account, by clicking on the link in the notification email that you will receive after registration.
  • No, Kaila is a platform designed to help different types of organisations manage innovation.
  • A corporate email address is required to register.
  • Please contact us if you belong to an organisation, but your email domain is not identified as corporate when you register with Kaila.
  • No, each subscription to Kaila is individual and you cannot share your email and password with other people.
    • Access to the platform is restricted and simultaneous access with the same email  is not allowed.
    • If you use your  account on a second device, you will automatically be logged out of the first device.


  • To delete your account, please contact us via the support form.


  • Favourites is a Kaila Premium feature that allows you to save the search results you have found most interesting, so that you can consult them later and access them quickly.
  • To save a result as a favorite click on the heart icon next to the title.
  • You can create folders to organise your favourites, by projects, clients or any other criteria you choose.
  • Alerts are a Kaila Premium feature through which you will receive notifications when there are new developments in the areas in which you are interested.
  • You can create alerts and you will receive a notification when:
    • There is a new funding call.
    • When a company has carried out a new project in an area.
    • When there are new projects in an area.
  1. To create an alert, you must first have Kaila Premium subscription (buy Kaila Premium), then click on the bell icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Click on the “+” symbol and then enter the keyword for which you would like to receive an alert. The keyword can be an area, organisation name or topic name.
  3. Select the type of results you want your alert to include, the mode and the frequency at which you wish to receive it.
  • Reports are downloadable documents that allow you to work with the information on your computer or share it easily with other members of your team.
  • They are fully editable files in .xlsx and .docx  format.
  • The following types of reports are currently available:
    • Organisation reports
    • Funding opportunities reports
    • Call calendars
    • Favourites tables
    • Results tables (including projects, funding opportunities, innovators, collaborators, etc.)
  • All Kaila users can download an unlimited number of the following report types:
    • Calls calendars.
    • Opportunities reports.
  • Kaila Premium users can download unlimited number of reports of any type.
  • Kaila Free Users can download 3 reports per type during the trial period.
  • The maximum number of results per report is limited, providing the most relevant results:
    • Up to 50 results in tables and Organisation reports.
    • Up to 20 results in funding Opportunities report.
  • Kaila processes the information and displays it graphically through interactive graphs.
  • Thanks to these interactive graphs, you can increase your analytical and decision-making skills.
  • It is an unlimited feature that you can try during the trial period, but after which is exclusively part of Kaila Premium.
  • Kaila Analytics  is the name given to the module currently available on the platform, which improves analysis capacity and decision-making, thanks to interactive graphs and reports.
  • This is the name of our recommendation engine that aims to keep you up-to-date with the best, most relevant results, thanks to artificial intelligence and based on your profile, your needs, interests and your activity within Kaila.
  • This is the name given to a set of functionalities that aim to help you connect with other people to generate innovation ecosystems and foster open innovation.

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