Kaila for associations

Kaila promotes the competitiveness of your sectorial network based on innovation 


Analyse trends

Make sure your association knows all the new and latest technologies and strengthen your value chain strengths by adopting them. KAILA keep you updated about the evolution of the technological trends and solutions in your areas of interest based on European policies and on-going projects funded by the European Commission. 

Obtain funding for your projects 

Stay informed about the latest European funding opportunities for your association´s projects with our calendar of main open calls 2020-2021 updated. 

funding for your projects

Discover the most innovative companies

Whether you are looking to incorporate new members in your association, or whether you are looking for a project partner. With Kaila, you will find the most powerful and innovative companies in Europe: an updated panorama of innovators in certain sectors, areas or technologies providing you with potential new contacts, members, and partnerships for your association.

Encourage Innovation among your association’s members

KAILA provides you with the largest R&D network in Europe, segmented by technological areas according to the needs of your association’s members.

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alerts and favourites

Save your favourites and create alerts

Don’t miss the information on organisations or funding opportunities of interest for your association.  
Optimize your time by saving your usual searches in Kaila on funding opportunities, projects, innovators and organisations that you like the most to speed up your future consultations.

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