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Small and medium sized enterprises
funding for your projects

Obtain funding for your innovative project

Thanks to Kaila you will be able to find out about all the European funding opportunities for your innovative SME project.

Find the perfect partner

Are you searching for a project partner? With Kaila, you will discover the most innovative companies, SMEs, corporations, and R&D centres in Europe with common interests with which you can create alliances and gain international dimension.

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Measure a company’s level of innovation

Are you looking for an expert in a specific sector? Do you want to track your competitors’ activities? Kaila shows you the projects carried out by a given organisation, its areas of expertise, the funding it receives and its network of collaborators.

Find technological solutions

With Kaila, you will receive updates on the most disruptive technologies at European level, as well as information on the companies that develop them.  

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Analyse trends

Identify the technological evolutions in your sectors of interest and the related projects funded by the European Commission.

Alerts and favourites

Stay updated on the organisations or funding opportunities that you are most interested in. Save time in your future searches by creating your list of favourites with the funding opportunities, projects, innovators and organisations that you like the most and consult them easily later.

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