A new version of Kaila that will help you efficiently manage your innovation

A new version of Kaila that will help you efficiently manage your innovation

We launched a new version of Kaila, at the beginning of the year, which contains a series of improvements that will help you manage innovation in a more efficient and simple way. To discover all the new features, all you need to do is register on the platform through this link. If you have not yet done so, remember that you can create an account completely free of charge.

These are the new features you can find in the latest version of Kaila:

Expansion of our database

We update our database on a weekly basis. Kaila is one of the largest sources of European funding data as it gathers 65 programmes (Horizon Europe, LIFE, Interreg, CEF…) in a single environment. With just a few clicks, you have access to 109,313 projects, 170,268 innovators and 13,524 funding opportunities.

As for funding opportunities, there are currently 489 open calls for proposals with a total of €9,758,359,004 in funding. Discover them on Kaila!

Improvements in the search algorithm

As our database is constantly growing, we have improved our search algorithm, making it easier to find more results of interest to you. Sit back and enjoy this new feature by simply running a search and the results will be sorted automatically, thanks to the new algorithm, in a way that enables you to find the most relevant results from the start.

Sharing on social networks

We encourage you to share the results you find interesting on social networks so that other users can discover Kaila’s potential and help grow the innovative community. To do this, we have inserted sharing buttons for LinkedIn, Twitter and email. You can also copy individual links and paste them wherever you need.