Kaila helps CENER to finance its research lines

Kaila helps CENER to finance its research lines

CENER has been using Kaila since its launch. Laura Corcuera, Project Office Manager at CENER, shares her experience with us in this video. Don’t miss it!

One of CENER’s needs is to obtain public funding for its research lines. But the search for these funds consumes a lot of time and resources without the right tools. That is why, when Laura found out about Kaila, she opted for this platform as a partner to manage innovation in an agile and simple way.

Kaila, a single tool to cover many needs

Although the initiative was originated in the Project Office, CENER bought several licences for the different departments, as the needs of each of them are different and Kaila could help with it all.

As Laura tells us in this video, in her department they use the tool mainly to look for “funding opportunities, potential partners, and support the technical departments in identifying projects to enter, or partners for new project proposals”. However, CENER’s technical departments use Kaila to find out which projects are underway and what funding they have received to prepare their proposals, to analyse the calls for proposals they have submitted, and to see which projects have been funded in each one of them. The business development area also accesses Kaila to find out about trends, new companies in specific areas and to be able to focus R&D on these lines.

Kaila is, therefore, a platform that covers the needs of all departments in a transversal way.

Kaila, high-value answers with a single click.

After these first months of use, CENER summarises the value of Kaila in its response capacity because “Kaila works 24 hours a day, and when you ask it, it always answers” and in its simplicity “in a single click, and through a single keyword, it gives you answers of great value”.

Kaila does not only answers, it also suggests which is one of the big differences compared to the competition. Thanks to machine learning techniques, Kaila proposes potential partners, projects and funding opportunities related to your interests.

For all these reasons, CENER is one of the many clients that trust Kaila as a platform for managing their innovation ecosystem. Don’t get left behind and discover what Kaila can offer you.