Digital Europe 2023, new ebook with open calls in the programme

Digital Europe 2023, new ebook with open calls in the programme

About the Digital Europe 2023 programme

Digital transformation is a key issue on the agenda of the European Union (EU). With the aim of strengthening Europe’s digital competitiveness and ensuring that all citizens and businesses benefit from digital opportunities, the EU has launched the Digital Europe 2023 programme. This programme offers a series of open calls for proposals that provide the possibility to obtain funding for innovative projects in various areas related to digital transformation.
In our new ebook, we will introduce you to some of the current open calls in the Digital Europe programme and how to access them.

Digital Europe 2023 – Funding Opportunities Report

Currently, in our ebook we list the 22 funding opportunities open to date in the five areas of the programme:

  • Supercomputing: encourages the development and adoption of supercomputing and high-performance technologies in the EU.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): promotes the development and deployment of AI in Europe, ensuring its ethical and trustworthy use.
  • Cybersecurity and digital trust: supports the improvement of cybersecurity in the EU and promotes trust in digital services.
  • Advanced digital competences: fosters the development of digital skills and competences needed for digital transformation.
  • Implementation and deployment of digital technologies: supports the adoption and deployment of digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.

The ebook is in pdf format and contains all the information on each of the calls. You can also consult this information on our Kaila platform.