Digital Europe Programme 2024: Download the new ebook

Digital Europe Programme 2024: Download the new ebook

Digital Europe Program 2024: Download the ebook with all the information. Discover the opportunities of the Digital Europe funding program for the year 2024. We have published a PDF document that is your master key to understand and make the most of these calls.

The Digital Europe Programme 2024 opens a range of possibilities in various essential fields for technological advancement and the development of digital skills. Below, we present a window into what you will find in our document, highlighting the available subsections and a brief introduction to each:

  1. DIGITAL-2024-ADVANCED-DIGITAL-06 and DIGITAL-2024-ADVANCED-SKILLS-06: Both focused on Advanced Digital Skills, these segments offer one call each, designed to enhance knowledge and practice in digital competencies critical for the future.
  2. DIGITAL-2024-AI-06, DIGITAL-2024-AI-ACT-06, DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-AI-06, DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-DATA-06, and DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-DATA-AI-06: Under the umbrella of Cloud, Data, and Artificial Intelligence, these four subsections with a total of 19 calls seek to accelerate the adoption and development of emerging technologies in these vital fields, offering a wide range of opportunities for innovative projects.
  3. DIGITAL-2024-BESTUSE-06: Features a call focused on Accelerating the Best Use of Technologies, this subsection promotes the effective implementation of digital technologies across various sectors to maximize their positive impact on society and the economy.

Each subsection of the program has been carefully selected to address different areas of interest and need within the digital spectrum, from promoting advanced digital skills to exploring and applying emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and big data.

We invite you to download this document for free and dive into the world of possibilities that the Digital Europe program offers. It’s your opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and contribute to Europe’s digital future. On this journey towards digitalization and innovation, your project can make a difference. Start today! Download for free!