Leitat about Kaila: “Is the perfect tool to expand your network”

Leitat about Kaila: “Is the perfect tool to expand your network”

On this occasion, we have taken the pulse of Leitat, a reference research center located in Terrassa (Barcelona), which enjoys an excellent technological solvency and state-of-the-art facilities for biotechnology, health, advanced materials, industrial chemistry, renewable energies and new production processes.

This center has intensive experience in the preparation and management of European projects, has participated in 174 European projects, 43 of which it has coordinated. This experience has allowed Leitat to build a network of more than 1,800 collaborators.

Just over a year ago we had the pleasure to present our Kaila platform to Leitat and since then it has become its main innovation tool.

Leitat Case Study

All the information you need in just one place

For Leitat, Kaila is an agile and fast way to obtain all the necessary and relevant information related to the participation in European projects. In addition, its excellent usability has turned Kaila into their reference consultation tool in their day-to-day work.

It is the perfect resource to find all the information on projects, funding opportunities, partners and topics of interest in just one place. In fact, it has been very useful for their department to be able to analyze similar projects under a common technology or field, or even to easily find organizations working on a specific technology, in a specific country and associated with the projects in which they participate.

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An agile way to expand your network and find more opportunities for collaboration

The network of collaborators is nowadays a key factor in driving innovation in any organization. Creating value increasingly requires a combination of expertise that is rarely possible to find within the organization itself, which is why collaborative innovation is becoming a competitive advantage that allows not only sustainable growth but also to address increasingly ambitious and complex technological challenges.

Aware of this new reality, for Leitat, Kaila is a tool that allows them to quickly expand their network and find more opportunities for collaboration, thus boosting their innovation.
Leitat, without a doubt, recommends Kaila. Do not miss the opportunity to discover what they already know.

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