Horizon Europe Webinar – Pillar II

Horizon Europe Webinar – Pillar II

“Succedd at Horizon Europe with this toolkit” is the title of our new practical webinar.

We invite you to join our Horizon Europe webinar with Kaila. Discover how to increase your chances of success in preparing collaborative projects in Horizon Europe.

In this event organized by Zabala Innovation and Kaila, you will learn to utilize practical tools that will assist you in aligning your proposal with the call priorities and preparing a competitive submission. Our expert, Aránzazu Albístur, will share key insights to develop a successful project and answer your questions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your opportunities in Horizon Europe’s Pillar II.
Watch the recording of the webinar here:

Horizon Europe Pilar II

The Pillar II of the Horizon Europe Funding Program focuses on strengthening Europe’s scientific and technological excellence. This pillar, called “Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness,” aims to address Europe’s social and economic challenges through research and innovation.

Pillar II is organized around six thematic clusters, covering a wide range of research and development areas. These clusters are as follows:

Pilar II Clusters:

  1. Health: This cluster focuses on improving the health and well-being of European citizens. It includes research in medicine, biotechnology, health technologies, infectious and non-communicable diseases, and innovative healthcare systems.
  2. Culture, Creativity, and Inclusive Society: This cluster seeks to promote cultural diversity, creativity, and social inclusion. It includes areas such as cultural heritage, creative industries, active citizenship, and gender equality.
  3. Security: This cluster focuses on strengthening the security of European citizens. It includes research in cybersecurity, border security, maritime security, disaster prevention and mitigation, and combating crime.
  4. Energy, Climate, and Mobility: This cluster addresses the challenges related to sustainable energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and clean and efficient mobility. It includes research in renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, and carbon capture and storage.
  5. Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment: This cluster deals with the sustainability of food systems, natural resource management, and environmental protection. It includes research in sustainable agriculture, bioeconomy, water resource management, and biodiversity conservation.
  6. Digitalization, Industry, and Space: This cluster focuses on the digital transformation of the European economy and society, as well as the development of space technologies. It includes research in artificial intelligence, information and communication technologies, Industry 4.0, and space exploration.

Through Pillar II, Horizon Europe seeks to promote collaboration among researchers, innovators, companies, and organizations across Europe to address common challenges and strengthen industrial competitiveness in the global context. It provides funding for research and innovation projects, as well as for the establishment of strategic partnerships and the development of cutting-edge scientific and technological infrastructures.