Update of the Horizon Europe, LIFE and Cascade funding ebooks

Update of the Horizon Europe, LIFE and Cascade funding ebooks

Kaila is a platform that aims to boost innovation in organisations through different digital tools and resources. Among these resources, there are ebooks that provide information on the main European funding programmes. We can find guides and calendars with the deadlines of the main calls for proposals.

Recently, Kaila has updated four of the ebooks that cause more interest among users:

Horizon Europe Call Calendar

Horizon Europe is the European Union’s largest research and innovation programme. It aims to support researchers and businesses to develop innovative solutions to address Europe’s social and economic challenges. The programme has a number of calls in areas such as health, energy, technology and environment, among others. Kaila’s updated Horizon Europe call calendar includes 56 new funding opportunities.

Cascade funding calendar

The cascade funding calendar is a tool to help organisations find funding for their innovation projects. This calendar includes calls for proposals from different EU funding programmes, as well as from other international organisations. The updated Kaila calendar includes 60 new calls for proposals.

Cascade funding guide

In addition, Kaila also offers a starter guide on cascade funding, which provides detailed information on the different EU funding programmes and how they relate to each other. This guide is a useful tool for organisations wishing to obtain funding for their innovation projects.

LIFE calls for proposals, guide and calendar

Finally, the LIFE programme is the EU’s programme for the environment and climate action. This programme funds projects in areas such as nature conservation, energy efficiency and waste management, among others. The update of the Kaila LIFE 2021-2027 Quick Guide and Calls Calendar includes 17 new calls which were published in April 2023.

In summary, Kaila offers a number of digital resources that can be useful for organisations seeking funding and innovation opportunities. Kaila’s updated call calendars and guides provide up-to-date information on funding opportunities and EU programmes, which can be of great help to organisations seeking to develop innovative and sustainable projects.