What’s new at Kaila: the web application to drive innovation?

What’s new at Kaila: the web application to drive innovation?

In an increasingly competitive market, companies are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and stay at the forefront of their industry. This is where Kaila comes into play, as a useful and effective tool to drive innovation in organisations.

What is Kaila?

Kaila is a web application that offers a variety of tools to help companies innovate and grow. The platform has a weekly updated database that includes:

With Kaila, users can obtain funding for their projects, analyse innovation trends, conduct competitive intelligence and find partners and collaborators.

What’s new?

Kaila has recently launched a series of enhancements to improve the user experience and make innovation more accessible to organisations. Among these improvements, we highlight the optimisation of the alert generator, which allows you to receive notifications when there are new developments in the innovation topics you are interested in.

In the latest update of the Kaila database, 2800 projects, 89 funding opportunities, 3595 project results and 3902 organisations were added.

New funding opportunities

In addition, 306 open and 363 upcoming funding opportunities can currently be found on Kaila. Particularly noteworthy is the current activity in opening calls for the main European funding programmes such as Horizon Europe or LIFE.


Kaila is a valuable tool for companies seeking to innovate and grow in an increasingly competitive market. The platform offers a weekly updated database and a series of useful tools to obtain funding, analyse innovation trends and find partners and collaborators. In addition, with Kaila’s new enhancements, such as the generation of alerts, users can receive notifications and stay up to date with the latest innovation news.

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