Why EDF has chosen Kaila as a platform to boost innovation

Why EDF has chosen Kaila as a platform to boost innovation

EDF (Électricité de France) is a French multinational electricity generation and distribution company.  It is a leading producer and distributor in France and Europe and the third-largest electricity company in the world in terms of turnover. Among the many challenges that the company faces, R&D is one of the most important, as it supports the company’s various lines of business and anticipates the future by always being at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies. With this objective, EDF has a large team of researchers who work daily, developing new services, and working with the European Commission, in the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral system by 2050.

François-Xavier Testard-Vaillant, representative to the European Commission at EDF R&D, tells us about his experience with the platform and about how he has become a member of Kaila’s community.

How has Kaila become a key element of EDF’s R&D?

François -Xavier Testard-Vaillant explains how each year, EDF presents an average of 20 European projects to different calls for proposals. With such a large volume it was essential to have clear and reliable sources of information, to shed light on other pioneering proposals in the company’s areas of interest. “Kaila has allowed us to easily access projects that have been submitted to calls for proposals similar to those of interest to us.”

EDF’s R&D department used CORDIS as a query database, generating and extracting data. However, consulting and filtering through this information was often confusing and tedious. “Kaila has made the search and display of Cordis data simpler and more efficient.”

Kaila in 3 words

“Simple, easy to use and low-cost” is how François- Xavier defines this platform. “It significantly improves the consultation of databases such as CORDIS(…) which allows us to be more productive.”

EDF is already using Kaila and will not only continue to do so but will also recommend the use of this platform to other entities and research centres.

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