World Creativity and Innovation Day: A Commitment to Transformation with Kaila

World Creativity and Innovation Day: A Commitment to Transformation with Kaila

World Creativity and Innovation Day, celebrated every April 21, is a key date for those looking to transform the world with fresh, collaborative ideas. At Kaila, an initiative driven by Zabala Innovation, this day is embraced with special enthusiasm, reflecting our commitment to fostering an innovative, dynamic, and creative community.

Kaila: Innovation and Collaboration at the Heart

At the core of Zabala Innovation, a firm with over 35 years of experience in innovation management, the idea of Kaila emerged as a response to a paradigm shift in how to innovate. Consequently, observing the transition from closed internal models to open and collaborative models, Zabala recognized the need for a platform that would facilitate this new approach. Furthermore, initially conceived for internal use, Kaila quickly demonstrated its potential by significantly enhancing the consulting team’s efficiency in European projects. Therefore, this internal success inspired the evolution of Kaila into an open platform, intended to serve not only Zabala Innovation but also a wider community of innovators.

The Impact of Kaila on the Innovator Community

The Kaila platform is designed as a catalyst for open innovation. Additionally, we facilitate collaboration among various actors, from startups to large corporations and academic entities, creating a rich and vibrant ecosystem where ideas can flourish. As a result, this approach not only accelerates innovation but also expands its scope and effectiveness.

A Future of Collaboration and Creativity

With Kaila, our vision is to activate a broad community of innovators in Europe and beyond. To achieve this, we aim to be the vehicle through which innovators can identify opportunities, tackle common challenges, and work together towards solutions that have a significant impact. Moreover, at Kaila, inspired by the grandeur and beauty of mountains like Kailash, we view each innovation challenge as a mountain to climb—an effort best undertaken together.

Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day with Us

To mark World Creativity and Innovation Day, Kaila offers something special: a 50% discount on new subscriptions to our platform. Accordingly, this promotion reflects our belief in the importance of making innovation accessible to more organizations and professionals eager to explore new paths of progress. Therefore, join the celebration of creativity and innovation with Kaila!

Creativity and Innovation Day Promotion

To receive the 50% discount, you must sign up for an annual subscription to Kaila Premium and enter the code INNOVATIONDAY24 at the payment gateway.

Annual Price: €348 €174

*VAT not included. This promotion ends on May 6, 2024, at 23:59 (CET). Promotion valid only for new annual subscriptions. Your subscription to Kaila will automatically renew each year at the full price (plus applicable taxes) until you cancel it.