Technology watch witdh Kaila

Measure a company’s level of innovation with the Organisation Report.

In order to measure the level of innovation of an organisation and make technology watch, we offer you the Organisation Report where we gather all the information related to its activity in innovation:

Information related to the projects:

  • A list of all its projects.
  • Number of coordinated projects and projects in which it has collaborated.
  • Programmes in which it has participated.
  • History of projects.
  • Financing obtained from each project.
  • Average budget per project.
  • Average funding per project.

Information related to its collaborators:

  • Companies with which it has collaborated the most.
  • Type of organisations it collaborates with.
  • Countries where its most frequent collaborators are located.
  • Complete list of collaborators.

How can you generate an organisation report?

Interesting, isn’t it? Do you want to know how to generate an organisation report? Follow these steps, it only takes a click.

1. Select “Organisations” in the search bar drop-down. Type the name of the organization you’re looking for and go to the organisation page.

2. Click on the “Organisation report” button on the left side of the page.

3. Your editable report will be downloaded!

Organisation report