Kaila for Research and Development Centres

Kaila accelerates your R&D programmes

Research and development centres

Obtain funding for your projects 

Discover the updated calendar with all the European funding opportunities to develop your project.

funding for your projects

Strengthen your knowledge networks

Kaila helps you connect with other scientific & research centres.

Find the most innovative organisations in Europe with which you can collaborate in building efficient knowledge networks and transfer technology.

Strengthen collaboration with industry 

Kaila offers you insights on the companies that might be interested in your R&D and based on that, encourages collaborations that could accelerate the launch of new technologies on the market. 


tech solutions

Analyse innovation trends

Know the main technological trends that will bring strategic opportunities to your centre. That will allow you to identify opportunities, counteract threats and create competitive advantages.

Save favourites and alerts

Monitor the information from the most relevant organisations or funding opportunities. 
Save in favourites the funding opportunities, projects, innovators and organisations that you like the most and consult them easily later. Schedule alerts to be notified when there are updates of interest to you.

alerts and favourites

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