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What is Kaila?

Kaila is a smart digital services platform to foster open innovation by facilitating the creation and management of innovation ecosystems in Europe.

Finance an accelerate your innovation​

Obtain funding for your innovative projects by learning about the latest European funding opportunities

Keep updated and analyze the innovation trends

To know the evolution of the technologies and areas that interest you and which are the related projects financed by the European Commission.

Find and connect with best partners and collaborators

Strengthen your network of collaborators and find the perfect partner as well as the most innovative organizations in Europe with whom you can create alliances and gain international dimension.

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Some facts about its potential​

Funding opportunities


Kaila unifies different open data sources at European level to facilitate the analysis and extraction of information.

  • Saving time

    By unifying different sources into a single environment, you will save time in accessing information.

  • Facilitates decision making

    The platform processes the information and displays it graphically, facilitating its analysis and decision making.

  • Share the information

    Extract and share information with your team easily with downloadable reports.

1 Platform - 3 modules

The application has three modules.

Analytics improves analysis capacity and decision making thanks to interactive graphs.

Wise is our recommendation engine. It uses artificial intelligence to keep you up to date at all times.

Connect (Coming soon)
Kaila Connect allows you connect with other people with whom you share interests.