Merging funding opportunities

Sometimes it can be very useful to see the information that different funding opportunities share, such as the number of organisations that have participated in both.
To get this information, follow these steps:

  1. Select the search mode “Funding opportunities”.

  1. Search for the name of the funding opportunities you want to merge and select the checkbox next to each of the titles.

  1. Hover the cursor over the red bottom bar with the title “Selected Funding Opportunities” and click on the “Merge” button.

  1. In the browser, a similar new window will open with the information of the selected opportunities:
    • Projects that have been approved.
    • Heat map of partners.
    • List of collaborators.
    • List of project results.

  1. In addition, from this page, you can also download a report with all the information by clicking on the button “Merged funding opportunity report”.